Big Plans for VR in the PRC

Say what you will about the People’s Republic of China, but it’s never without a plan (even if those don’t always pan out). Just in time for Christmas, mainland China’s Ministry of Industry has set out a platform of goals for VR, guided (as always) by “Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics” (get used to that boilerplate qualifier as China continues to assert itself on the world stage in the wake of America’s retreat).

A couple years ago, I wrote about the wild & wooly days of  “China’s VR Gold Rush”. Now here’s China’s party line (literally and figuratively) on the vector of virtual reality. As expected, the Communist Party of China has stepped in to fill the leadership void… and it only took two years. 😉

For those of us who can’t parse the original Mandarin, here’s a (presumably accurate) English translation. The agility with which the text handsprings from socialist prescriptions to refresh rates is both amusing and impressive (keeping in mind that, regardless of nation or ideology, VR constitutes the ultimate surveillance state).


Goals for VR set by China… (full post on AWN)

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