Three keys to compelling VR

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of consulting on a VR project set in China’s Mogao Caves – a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Buddhist grottoes in Dunhuang that were first dug out and decorated in the fourth century, as hubs of meditation, education and culture. The Cave, directed by Qi Zhao with art direction by Wen Feng, was recently nominated in the Immersive Non-fiction category of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam’s DocLab competition.

My advisory role focused on the immersive gestalt of The Cave: the interaction patterns (conceptual models) and techniques (implementations). As oft noted by VR creators, the project was a profound learning experience for all involved. Immersive media has a way of amplifying everything from the experience itself to the development and production challenges.

“Rule of Three” fan that I am, I distilled the learnings into three points that I consider keys to compelling VR… (full post on AWN)


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