Everything old is new again

In addition to the time that I spend creating stories in the present, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about the nature of storytelling in the future. This past August, I had the pleasure of participating in the “Future of Storytelling” panel at the NEU Future Forum in Beijing. Though our panelists had prodigious technical chops, we focused upon the creative aspects of storytelling and content creation. Given the day’s packed agenda, our panel of five had just a half hour of time, so I needed to be succinct (which doesn’t come naturally). As the microphone made its way to me, I thought about all the things I could say about the future of storytelling: how the technology will sublimate itself, how content will become increasingly immersive and adaptive, and how an active audience will be assumed. It’s all been said before, and is not really that important. Ultimately, I came back to this: (full post on AWN)



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