The Apple of your eye

Daniel Eckler’s article, “The Future of Apple & AR,” reiterates that personal computing is on the verge of a paradigm shift toward augmented reality, and notes that Apple’s recent hires, acquisitions and patents point towards this AR future, as does the tech embedded in their current product line (particularly the much-maligned AirPods, which can be properly appreciated as voice-activated computers that nestle in your ears).
Regarding Apple’s prospective AR endeavors, Eckler observes, “If AR glasses are going to be a success, they’ll need to tether with a powerful computer (the iPhone), and they’ll need to do so seamlessly while introducing new ways to interface with computers (Airpods + Siri).”
Yes, AND…

While I share Eckler’s opinion of Apple’s intentions, I believe Apple’s odds of success are predicated as much on the practical as on the technical. In order to achieve mass market AR adoption, Apple must attractively address the following points: (full post on AWN)


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