Much has been written on the subject of work / life balance and efficiency, perhaps most famously advocated by Tim Ferriss in THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK.

My present lifestyle is more like the four-hour work day: not quite to Ferriss’ sparse standard, but a huge quality of life improvement over the corporate grind.

Having oscillated between indie and employee work, I can confirm that working smarter does not mean working harder. We waste more time than we realize on busy work, instead of focusing on The Thing That Really Matters.

A millionaire entrepreneur once blogged that despite his fortune, he sets a self-funded seed financing limit of $5,000 for each new startup, using the tight parameters to enhance his focus and expand his creativity.

I advocate the same strategy with time. Allocate less time per day for work than you think you need, and see how it focuses your attention on what’s really important.

Time is far more precious than money – a fact you understand better at age 50 than at age 30.


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