As announced at the T-EDGE VR Summit in Shenzhen on May 20th, the Beijing Film Academy’s International Animation & Virtual Reality Research Center (iAVRrc) has launched iAVRrc PROJECTS, a program that facilitates the development & production of compelling content in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). The first four iAVRrc PROJECTS represent a variety of approaches to immersive media, with Chinese culture as a common thread, and edutainment as a common goal.


STORY FOREST is an interactive virtual reality story experience in which viewers enter a space populated by a hand-painted VR bamboo forest. A master painter stands amid the trees and tells a story, illustrating as (s)he goes. Under the master’s guidance, the viewers contribute story suggestions, which are incorporated into the tale.


HUTONG HUNT is an augmented reality treasure hunt set in the hutongs of Beijing. Players compete against the clock and each other to find a hidden treasure. Animated AR stone lions, door gods and dragons offer clues, but also provide distractions. The hunt converts to VR for the finale, when players “dig” for the treasure and face off against fearsome guardians.


FOUR DISHES AND A SOUP is a scripted cinematic virtual reality short film set during a traditional Chinese New Year meal in mainland China. Two stories are told: one of a young man’s return home, and another of a young woman’s return home. The audience experiences each scenario as the young person, from the point of view of the VR camera.


WAY OF THE WARRIOR is a mixed reality holopresence experience in which actual reconstruction of a terracotta warrior in Xian is streamed via live holography to museums around the world. The ongoing live reconstruction is supplemented by a photo-realistic computer-animated terracotta warrior, who describes his life in ancient China.

Interested parties may contact:

Kevin Geiger
Executive Director
International Animation & Virtual Reality Research Center
Beijing Film Academy


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