iAVRrc PROJECTS announced at 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit in Shenzhen

Kevin Geiger 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit keynote 1
iAVRrc Executive Director Kevin Geiger takes a 360 selfie while announcing new projects at the 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit in Shenzhen.

VR view:  http://vr8.tv:88/3F0460

Kevin Geiger, Executive Director of the Beijing Film Academy’s International Animation & Virtual Reality Research Center (iAVRrc), announced the initial slate of the iAVRrc PROJECTS program during his keynote address at the 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit, hosted in Shenzhen on May 20th by The New York Times and TMTPost:

  • HUTONG HUNT – an AR/VR treasure hunt that takes place in Beijing hutongs populated by animated Chinese mythological creatures.
  • STORY FOREST – a live, interactive VR story experience guided by Chinese painting masters.
  • FOUR DISHES & A SOUP – a cinematic VR short film set in the midst of a family’s Chinese New Year dinner.
  • WAY OF THE WARRIOR – a natural history collaboration utilizing 3D CG animation and holopresence technology.

Following the iAVRrc PROJECTS announcements, Geiger’s keynote address, “The Impact of VR”, focused upon five key predictions for immersive technology…

Kevin Geiger 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit keynote 2






Later in the day, Geiger moderated a panel on “Hollywood’s VR Future”, featuring the experiences and insights of xRez Studio partner Eric Hanson, Two Bit Circus CCO Nancy Bennett, and animator Shannon Tindle, creator of Google Spotlight Stories’ ON ICE.

Kevin Geiger 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit panel

Streamed live online in 360 video, the 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit featured technology innovators and business leaders from China and around the world, in presentations and panels ranging from VR content challenges to VR investment opportunities.  Chinese speakers were joined by foreign guests included Gabo Arora, Nancy Bennett, Toni Cruthirds, Nick Fortugno, Kevin Geiger, Eric Hanson, Graham Roberts, Molly Swenson and Shannon Tindle.

Kevin Geiger 2016 T-EDGE VR Summit speakers

The New York Times Company (NYSE:NYT) is an international media organization known globally for excellence in its journalism, and innovation in its print and digital storytelling and its business model. In 2015, the Times launched NYTVR, a mobile platform for distributing VR films, while distributing more than a million Google cardboard viewers to Times’ subscribers. The New York Times Chinese Website (cn.NYTimes.com) is the first Chinese language product introduced by The New York Times Company. The site is edited specifically for readers who speak Chinese, presenting translations of the best of The Times’ award-winning journalism alongside original work by Chinese writers contributing to The Times.

TMTPost is China’s leading technology information service provider. Focused on innovation, it serves as a communication platform, gathering the industry’s highest quality content, opinion leaders and service products for the most efficient, professional, and valuable exchange of technology related information in China. TMTPost also produces a variety of offline events and provides recruitment, analytical and advisory services to the technology industry.


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