Departing Disney

China Local Content team 2014

I’m moving on from my role as Disney’s VP & Head of Creative, Local Content, Greater China.

I’ve enjoyed an eclectic career in art & animation that has taken me around the world in various roles as artist, animator, technician, teacher, consultant, entrepreneur, producer and executive.

Unexpected twists & turns have been characteristic of my path.  I never thought that I would work for Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1995, and I never imagined that my departure from Burbank in 2007 – and my subsequent indie efforts in Beijing – would lead me back to Disney here in China.

In late 2012, I had the opportunity to found Disney’s Greater China Local Content team.  Over the course of 2013 and 2014, we assembled a world-class Chinese content development team in Beijing, introduced Disney creative processes & standards, spoke at Chinese media conferences, engaged in community outreach with Chinese schools & institutions, consulted on local productions, developed 10 original & adapted local animation & live-action properties,  created 4 high-performing pilots, and produced 3 popular local broadcast series.

I’m incredibly proud of the Greater China Local Content team for accomplishing the above with exemplary spirit and drive, and for delivering on the strategic & creative challenge of access and affinity in China:  producing approved quality content that speaks to the hearts of China’s audiences.

Creativity has never been a job for me, but a passion.  That passion has taken me on many adventures, and once again leads me back into the field.

I’ll see you out there.



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